by Josh Goo

for Reed Quintet (ob / Bb cl / alto / bs cl / bsn)

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“After being exposed to the reed quintet for the first time and having so much fun playing with the Doclé Reed Quintet, I knew that I wanted to write for the group.  Hemicellulose is my first composition for reed quintet and is heavily inspired by the reed itself.  Hemicellulose is a molecular structure found in Arundo Donax, which is the cane that makes up reeds.  I used this molecular structure as the outline for the form of the piece, with each cell representing a section of the piece and each section being connected by a motif similar to the way the molecules are linked together.  This linking motif is the very first measure, and you will notice it reappears several times at different speeds and in different variations.  Each section moves by fairly quickly, with each lasting approximately a minute, so the piece is quite dense, just like the density of one molecule vibrating in the reeds as they are played.”  -Josh Goo

The molecular structure of Hemicellulose.

Josh Goo (b. 1995), clarinetist of the Doclé Reed Quintet, is constantly finding ways to positively influence the world and people’s lives, whether it is through creating and performing new works for reed quintet, making educational content through his company QuickStart Clarinet, or just contributing support and humor in day to day life.  After studying with Steve Cohen, Lawrie Bloom, Leslie Grimm, Dr. Jeremy W. Reynolds, and Dr. Mallory Thompson, Josh advocates for the joy that can be found in all stages of the musical process.